How To Clean Your Color-Blind Corrective Glasses

How To Clean Your Color-Blind Corrective Glasses

Color-blind corrective glasses are a great tool for anyone with a color vision deficiency. While color vision deficiencies have no cure, color-blind corrective glasses are the next best thing. If you or someone you know lives with a color-blind deficiency, read on to determine how color-blind corrective glasses work and how to clean your color-blind corrective glasses so they can stay in the best shape for years to come.  

What Are Color-Blind Corrective Glasses? 

Color-blind corrective glasses use specialized lenses to allow those with a color vision deficiency to see color as other sighted people do. Color blindness occurs when one or more of the three color sensing cones in your retina is missing. These cones are responsible for sending wavelengths to the brain. When a cone is missing, or two cones overlap one another, the brain cannot interpret the wavelengths properly, resulting in a loss of certain color vision. Color-blind corrective glasses use light filtering lenses to block out overlapping wavelengths of light, allowing an individual to better distinguishing between colors.  

How To Clean Your Color-Blind Corrective Glasses 

Proper care of your color-blind corrective glasses will extend their lifetime and ensure the corrective glasses will work as intended. To clean your color-blind corrective glasses, use a microfiber cloth to remove any oil or residue that has accumulated on the frame and lenses. You can also use a small amount of mild dish soap or eyeglass cleaner to thoroughly clean the lenses. After washing your glasses, rinse them with water and dry them with a soft cloth. If there are dirt particles on your glasses, rinse them with clean water before you begin the washing process. This will help you avoid scratching the lenses. You should also avoid using an abrasive towel or paper products to wash your glasses, as these are often too rough and can create scratches. Lastly, do not use household cleaning items, as these will attack and damage the materials used to make the glasses.  

Color-blind corrective glasses are easy to care for and are a great way to bring color into the life of someone with a color vision deficiency. Check out our color-blind glasses for sale to change your vision for the better.