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Pilestone is USA's Number 1 choice for quality and affordable color blind correction glasses. Experience the true beauty of the world in outdoor scenic locations or indoors, watching tv, gaming, surfing the internet and much more.


Find out your type and severity of color blindness by taking Pilestone's award-winning ūü•á online color blind test by clicking here.




 Color blindness type: Recommended lens:
Mild/moderate Deutan or Protan Lens A (Universal)
Strong/severe Deutan or Protan Lens B (Universal)
Mild Deutan or Protan Lens C (Indoor only)
Mild-strong Protan
Lens D (Protan only)
Mild-strong Tritan
Lens E (Tritan only)


For more information on lens selection please visit our lens guide. If you’re interested in purchasing our high-quality color blind corrective glasses or would like more information, contact us today. We look forward to helping you live a colorful life with our world class color blind glasses.

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