Pilestone Color Blind Experts

Founded by Ben Zhuang in July of 2011, Philadelphia, United States. Pilestone Color Blind Experts now has headquarters in every region of the world and is recognised worldwide and worn by millions.

Our Technology

Pilestone actively work alongside the leading industry experts and use only the most up-to-date and advanced technology. Pilestone also offer a whopping selection of 5 unique lenses, unlike other companies in our industry that only offer one, maybe two. For this reason you can guarantee a lens that is specifically tailored to your type and severity of color blindness, thus giving you the results you could never have imagined.

Our Mission

Pilestone's goal is to change the lives of as many people as possible who suffer from color blindness and for this reason we believe in keeping our prices affordable is a righteous decision in helping the color blind community.

Our Team

Pilestone's ever-growing team of 32 highly passionate individuals are dedicated to providing the best product and service. We want our customer's to have a seamless journey from start to finish.