Celebrate Color Blind Awareness Day

Celebrate Color Blind Awareness Day

Color blindness impacts 1 in every 12 males and 1 in every 200 females. Most color blindness is inherited genetically, meaning color-blind people often become aware of their color blindness during their younger years. However, it is common that some people may not realize they are color-blind simply because they do not know that others see color differently. It is also not uncommon for children to hide their vision deficiency, either due to embarrassment or not wanting to be different than other children around them. Celebrating Color-Blind Awareness Day is a great way to make those with color blindness feel comfortable in their skin and bring awareness to a deficiency that some people may not even realize they have.

When Is Color-Blind Awareness Day?  

Color-Blind Awareness Day occurs annually on September 6. John Dalton was one of the first scientists to study color blindness and Color-Blind Awareness Day is celebrated on his birthday in honor of the strides he made in color blindness research.   

How To Celebrate Color-Blind Awareness Day  

Spread the Word  

The best way to celebrate Color-Blind Awareness Day is to spread the word. If you are color-blind, proudly share your story and experiences with others. You could end up becoming a role model for a young child who may be struggling to come to terms with their color blindness. Sharing your story on social media or via word of mouth are two great ways to increase awareness of color blindness and bring the community together.  

Promote Testing  

If you’ve taken a color blind test online before, you know how simple and easy it is. Encourage friends, family, and social media followers to take a few minutes out of their day to take the test.   

Mark your calendars for Color-Blind Awareness Day on September 6. By sharing your story and promoting color blindness testing, Color-Blind Awareness Day can become a catalyst for diagnosing and empowering color-blind people.