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Color Blind Test

After taking our online color blind test, if you find that you are in fact colorblind and require certain glasses to help you experience what it’s like to live life in full color, Pilestone is the premier color blind glasses provider for you. With lenses that can help correct Deuteranomaly/ Deuteranopia, Protanomaly/ Protanopia, or Tritanomaly/ Tritanopia, we’re sure to be able to bring color back into your life. After taking the color blind glasses test, if you’re interested in investing in our products, we carry three different types of lenses for your glasses. Lens A which helps with moderate deutan and protan color blindness, Lens B which helps with severe deutan and protan color blindness, and Lens C which corrects for color blindness in most indoor lighting environments.

Below there are 13 test plates each with a number inside. Enter the number you see in the box opposite or if you don’t see a number please just leave blank. After completing the online color blind test, you will be scored out of 13.

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Section 13

Have you scored less than 13 correct?

If you have scored less than 13 correct on your color blind glasses test, then this means you have a red-green color deficiency which is by far the most common form of color blindness.

Pilestone glasses can effortlessly enhance your vision as they correct red-green color blindness which can affect reds, greens, browns, blues, purples, oranges, pinks, and yellows.

Failing this test Pilestone highly recommend our most popular and effective lens: B. This lens is universal and is equipped with the technology for all types of color deficiencies and is, therefore, our most popular and effective lens.

For more information on our online color blind test and how it determines the type of color blindness you may have, or if you need help with your color blind glasses test, get in touch with us today.