How Color Blind Glasses Work

Pilestone Color Blind Experts are here to give your life an entirely new outlook—one that may dramatically change how you see the world around you.

Many people throughout the world are born color blind in some way, whether they are unable to perceive red and green, yellow and orange, green and brown, pink and grey, or blue and purple. Any way you look at it, color blindness greatly affects how someone sees the world around them, often missing out on sights that people with normal vision take for granted, and this is why Pilestone is here. We want to give everyone the chance to experience life in full color. To help with this, we’ve developed a collection of highly effective eyewear that enables people with color vision deficiency to actually see colors they never imagined, and we’re here to help you understand how color blind glasses work.

To simply explain what color blindness actually is, your eyes contain “cones” that are responsible for detecting different wavelengths of light. When normal, “white” light enters your eye and three different photopigments are activated: red, green, and blue. By combining these wavelengths in various combinations, your eyes are able to discern every color known to humans. The only problems occur when certain cones overlap in your eye, causing certain colors to become mixed and muddled together. By understanding exactly what color blindness is, it is easier to understand how color blind glasses work. You can learn more about color blindness here.

To help solve this problem, the lenses we’ve developed selectively filter out certain light wavelengths at the point where your different colored cones overlap, removing any sort of confusion your brain has while trying to differentiate colors. This leaves you with lenses that give you the full ability to see the true colors of the world. Although you will not have the same color vision without our glasses, while using them, any symptoms of color blindness will disappear, leaving you with a full view of every color the world has to offer.

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