Why Men are Colorblind More Often Than Women

Why Men are Colorblind More Often Than Women

Color blindness is more commonly expressed in men than in women. Nearly 1 in 12 men experience color blindness, while only 1 in 200 women experience colorblindness. This is a drastic gap between genders concerning color vision, and the reasoning behind it is genetics.   

Why Men are Colorblind More Often Than Women  


Color blindness is a genetic condition that is expressed on our X-linked chromosomes. Men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, while women have two X chromones. To experience color blindness, the genetic mutation for colorblindness must be present on the X chromosome, but for women, this means it must be present on both X chromones. Men only need to mutation to be present on their singular X chromosome, making it much easier for them to inherit color blindness.   

Genetic Inheritance   

This genetic mutation is passed down by our parents. However, just because neither of your parents is colorblind, does not mean you can’t be colorblind. Women can be carriers of the gene without expressing it themselves. Your mom may have the mutation present on one X chromosomes only, meaning she would not be colorblind, but she can pass the gene down to you.   

For example, if your grandfather on your mother’s side was colorblind, this means his one X has the mutation and was then passed down to your mother. Since your mother received another X chromosome from your grandmother, her color vision will not be impacted; however, she is still a carrier of the X chromosome with the colorblind mutation.  

If you are a male, your father will then pass you a Y chromosome, and you will receive an X chromosome from your mother. Because your mother has one mutated and one normal X chromosomes, you will have a 50% chance of inheriting the colorblindness gene.   

Genetics is the sole reason why mean are colorblind more often than women. Although there is no cure for color blindness, color correcting sunglasses can bring color to your world.