5 Life-Changing benefits of wearing Pilestone's Color Blind Glasses


Want to know how Pilestone's Color Blind Glasses can impact your life? Here are our 5 most favourable benefits of wearing Pilestone's Award-Winning glasses.


1. Nature

Never underestimate the true color of nature - life's most beautiful scenery. From vibrant green freshly-cut grass to vibrant red poppies, it's truly something you don't want to miss out on.


2. What is your fashion statement really saying?

There's no doubt that you will be shocked in horror the next time you go through your wardrobe. You know that low-key casual shirt you've been wearing all these years? Well, think again. You'll realise you've been standing out like a sore thumb this whole time.


3. Food

Whether you're in the supermarket trying to distinguish if you're looking at the red or the green peppers, or simply just looking for the freshest and juiciest fruits you can be rest assured that we've got you covered.


4. Sports Games

You may have heard the uproar from last year's opening football World Cup game as Russia that played in red clashed with Saudi Arabia's football kit that played in green and avid football fans from around the world was disappointed as they struggled to see which nation had the ball! Worry no more, with Pilestone's glasses you can sit back, kick your feet up and relax while seeing your favourite sports games in their most vibrant colours.

color blind soccer


5. Danger & Warning Signs

Avoid danger and spot warning signs a mile away. Pilestone's colour correcting glasses will enhance your vision and are bound to increase the safety of you and your loved one's!