10 Jobs Affected by Color Blindess

In this article we’ll be discussing 10 jobs you can be restricted to do if you’re color blind. Can you be a police officer if you are colorblind? Can you become an air pilot if you’re colorblind? Our list will tell you what jobs may not accept color blind people. The 10 jobs below are certain jobs you can’t do as colorblind person because of safety and realistic reasons and why these jobs may not be for you if have a color vision deficiency.


As an electrician you will be dealing with installing wiring systems or repairing in houses, factories and businesses. This job involves one to be able to distinguish the colors and coding in order to do their job correctly and safely as fires, electrical shocks and power outages would likely occur if done improperly. For someone who is colorblind and are unable to match colors or distinguish different colors from another, this job may cause you great difficulty.

Air pilot (commercial and military) 

The role of an air pilot distinguishing colors is an important part of a pilots job, this is because identifying numerous signals whilst flying enables a safe plane flight. Air pilots are restricted if found to be colorblind unless they successfully pass several color blindness tests that proves they are capable of flying, however this depends on the severity of their color blindness and are restricted to only flying during the day time. The safety of yourself and others are very important in the aviation world thus why being colorblind may affect your dream of becoming a pilot.



There are multiple types of careers in engineering such as chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering where colored sight is needed. Defective color vision is a safety problem in the engineering industry, thus a CVD test is required in order for you to successfully qualify for the job.



As a doctor it is significant to have normal color vision due to the treatment or diagnosis of a patient. Doctors would have to be tested to see if they have a color vision deficiency because the importance of color is prominent for this career.


Police Officer

As a police officer, interpreting color is more important than you think. Lets say a crime was committed and the witness states the perpetrator was wearing a red shirt and fled in a blue car but because this officer is colorblind, the officer would interpret this differently according to the type of color blindness he/she may have. The officer would have to pass several color blindness test in order to become an officer such as the Farnsworth D15 test. This career is very flexible for a colorblind person in comparison to one in the aviation world.



The job of a driver when colorblind is restricted in countries such as Singapore and Turkey because of safety reasons and thus why those that are colorblind in said countries may be restricted in getting a driver's license. Distinguishing traffic lights is one of the biggest problems for colorblind people as they may interpret the signals incorrectly thereby leading to road accidents.


Graphic Designer/Web Designer 

A graphic and web designer job involves a lot of color. This is due to creating an environment where the consumer will want to click on an advertisement or view a website broadcasted because of how appealing it looks. If you are unable to provide color skills due to your color blindness, this job may not be for you.



Some establishments may not hire you because of your inability to interpret and distinguish colors, as colors are important in a chefs world because of the presentation of the dish and the appearance when presenting to a customer in a high end restaurant. For someone who is colorblind recognising when the meat is cooked or raw will be difficult. Again, this latter depends on the severity of your color blindness.



To become a florist you would need a keen eye for attention to detail of the flowers and plants. This job requires you to see the full shades of the flowers, matching specific color ranges together, rearranging flowers professionally, a client would want you to have full color sight in order for you to give them the best results. Color blindness cannot stop you from becoming a florist but it is very unlikely that you’d be hired because of it.


Professional Decorator/Painter

This job career heavily involves color and if you suffer from color blindness being a painter or a professional decorator may not be a choice of career for you. The obvious reason being how can you mix colors or paint a house for a client when you have difficulty seeing the true color? The art in all this is being able to see, mix and match and exploit your knowledge of color to create a masterpiece; something that’ll be tough to do if you’re colorblind.

You may find that there is a limit is certain careers when you’re colorblind or find that there is some jobs you can’t take on due to you're color blindness. Despite this, there are plenty of jobs that you can do if you are colorblind such as becoming a lawyer, nutritionist or a sales agent, all of which are jobs you won’t be restricted to!