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Add Single Vision Distance or Reading

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Want to help correct colors while maintaining perfect vision? No problem, Pilestone can add your regular eye glasses prescription to your glasses!


Simply add this product to your cart along with your new color blind glasses and make a purchase. After purchasing you will be prompted with your order number (and a copy sent to your email). Please then contact support@pilestone.com with your order number and prescription details and we'll begin working on your new color blind glasses!


Most of our customers find our product helpful for them, but Color Blindness can be very different depending on each person’s body and eye condition, and there is a 10-15% chance that our glasses don’t work.


The prescription pair is nonrefundable, which means once we start the prescription production, we’ll not accept any requests on returns or refunds. If the customer chooses not to try out the lens but directly go with the prescription, and the lens turns out to be incorrect, then the customer has to be 100% responsible for any unexpected results. Thus, we strongly recommend you try the regular model such as the clip-on style.


Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prescription color blind glasses.